Antioch: A New Templated Implementation Of Chemistry for Hydrodynamics


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A New Templated Implementation Of Chemistry for Hydrodynamics (Antioch) was initiated to centralize work by some of the Antioch authors within the realm of hypersonic aerodynamics, based on the libMesh finite element library. In particular, although there exist C++ chemistry libraries, such as Cantera, we had needs for both thread-safety and high performance. Thus, Antioch was born. Antioch originally lived within the PECOS center at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES) at The University of Texas at Austin.



Antioch has no required dependencies other than a reasonably modern C++ compiler.

Optional Packages

Antioch has been designed to allow several optional packages to facilitate vectorized evaluation of thermochemistry quantities. In particular, Antioch currently can support:

  1. VexCL - This package will enable GPU offload capabilities
  2. Eigen - Highly optimized vector and matrix types

Building Antioch

Antioch uses an Autotools build system, so typical GNU build commands are used.

  1. ./bootstrap (generate configure script)
  2. ./configure --prefix=/path/to/install (for more options, do ./configure --help)
  3. make (note parallel builds are supported)
  4. make check (note parallel-tests are supported)
  5. make install


Documentation for various versions of Antioch can be found below:

Discussion and Development

Pull Requests for bug fixes and new features are welcome. Mailing lists have been setup for user questions and discussion ( as well as development questions and discussion (